We specialize in Grading, Recompaction, Trenching (foundation, utilities, retaining walls,) Backfill, Import & Export of Select Materials, and Demolition.


About Us

Greg began his trade in the mid seventies when he hired on at a local Southern California Landfill and learned to operate anything that moved. He soon joined a local hillside contractor, John Verdugo Sr., who taught Greg about carving out the tricky hillside foundation contours so prevalent in south Orange County. All this training and experience helped Greg to establish his own business, Kuno’s Grading Inc. With decades of on the job know how behind him and many new projects on the forefront, in 2005 Greg brought his son Nathan on board.

“I’ve been fortunate to have experienced much success in our business and am excited that my son shares my passion for our profession.”

Our goal is to continue serving Southern California with the knowledge and expertise we possess to complete our customers projects safely, timely and on budget.

“I would highly recommend Greg Kuno’s Grading Inc. to any general contractor/builders looking for the best service found anywhere in southern California. Greg and his crew are extremely efficient, cost conscious, and have been very attentive to all of our scheduling needs.

Don Whetstine
Contract/Builder – Project Manager
License # 474279